We created the Emptyheads Game of Skate to bring some classic skate culture to our communty by means of a virtual game of S.K.A.T.E.  In a real game of S.K.A.T.E. a group of skaters will pick who goes first, then one skater will perform a trick that all the other skaters will have to replicate. If they miss the trick they get a letter, if they land it they are still in for the next round. Skaters take turns setting the trick for others to match until all but one skater has missed 5 tricks earning them all five letters of S.K.A.T.E.

This game is meant to be fun and a good time. Trash talking is always a big part of it and encouraged in our games as we believe it brings the community closer as a whole. Just remember we’re all real people so lets keep the trash talk classy lol.


1. Mint your card/cards.

2. Join our discord at

3. Print out your game cards (pro tip, laminate them and play with a dry erase marker).

4. Enter the Game of Skate VC channel and the Game of Skate text channel on game night.

5. We will play 3 games per game night.

6. We will randomly call out tricks and then post them in the text channel for reference.

7. Check your cards for the called trick. If you have it your good, If not check off a letter on the card/cards that are missing the trick starting with S.

8. If you still have a card/cards in play you must react to the trick post with the still standing emoji.

10. In the result of a tie we will move to sudden death. We will call and post tricks to the remaining tied players until one remains. If you do not have the trick on a card that card is eliminated. If you have the trick you must react to the trick post with the sudden death emoji.